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Our Mission

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Mission Statement

The mission of Over the Rainbow Early Learning Center is to provide an environment for early learning in a warm and positive atmosphere.  We want this first introduction to education away from home to be one that will foster a continued love for learning, an interest in the world and an acceptance of its people.


Over the Rainbow believes the safety, health, and happiness of the child is a priority.  it is our belief that the teacher is the most important factor needed to achieve high quality care.  Also, it is necessary to meet the child where they are and to provide meaningful and developmentally appropriate experiences, so each child feels successful at his level of ability.

We have 5 priorities in our building:

Safety – attentive supervision of the children at all times.

Health – practice and mentor positive safety habits.

Nurturing – kindness and compassion is demonstrated at all times to the children.

Communication – available and open communication, and

Curriculum – implement and provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment for child success.