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Here at Over the Rainbow, we utilize Teaching Strategies, Creative Curriculum® to provide sequences of planned experiences where we learn through play and practice and achieve proficiency in all development areas.

The Creative Curriculum® is research-based and supports the development of the whole child. High-quality, comprehensive resources empower our staff to intentionally teach and care for our children during the most critical and formative years of development.

Infant Program

(6weeks -18months)

Infants are born ready to learn. As infants move through their milestones, our infant care staff provides a safe environment that nurtures their well-being.

Because infants start learning right from the minute they are born, our caregivers will provide the foundation for communication/language, social/emotional, cognitive and movement/physical development. These areas are developed by providing an environment with simple routines that the infant has the freedom to explore, play, encouraged engagement with their peers, and building the confidence of discovering the world.

We motivate your infant by talking to your child throughout the day by singing songs, reading books, puzzles and simple games encouraging language and social/emotional development. For physical development, small infant’s arms and legs are gently exercised, tummy time is provided for strengthening neck and back muscles and holding objects for grasping skills. While older infants are crawling, walking and dancing and exploring every corner of the room. On the cognitive side of development, many activities such as simple problem solving, texture items, exploring cause and effect, building and knocking things down and hearing different sounds ensures the beginning foundation to think, process and solve independently.

Toddler Program

(18months – 30 months)

A toddler has progressed to becoming a natural explorer. Therefore, meeting the child where they are developmentally, our program encourages confidence and a positive self-image as they discover and explore their environment. The Toddler program provides the beginning of many life skills such as fine & gross motor skills, language, self-regulation and independence.

Preschool Program

(3years and 4years)

Pre-Kindergarten Program

(4years – 5 years)

School-Break Program

(Kindergarten-12 years)